My name is Bec, the artisan candlemaker at Bluebird Candles.   Bluebird Candles is a boutique candle business specialising in artisan made soy candles.
I'm the fourth generation of my Mum's family to live in Innisfail, North Queensland.  
All of my candles are handmade using premium fragrances and biodegradable soy wax, creating a luxe soy candle with superior scent throw. 
I work closely with luxury resorts, day spas, florists, event coordinators and boutiques to create exclusive candle ranges and custom orders.
I live with my three children, who sometimes come to the markets with me - as well as a Great Dane, a flock of peach face parrots and some cheeky chooks.  
I'm currently studying Public Health - my home is often dotted with textbooks, setting candles and lego in random places.
Bluebird Candles has allowed my life to be happy and whole.  I am most grateful for the flexibility of my business and the way I am able to prioritise what is most important to me - the health, happiness and wellbeing of myself and my family.  
I love markets - growing up one of my fondest memories was visiting the Mindil Beach Markets with my Mum (who also had a market stall for a little while), eating the Vietnamese soup bowls, and watching the sun set into the ocean.  If I close my eyes, I can still smell the soup, the beach flowers and the sea.  

Life is short.  Memories matter.  

I believe creating memories throughout your life is very important... but it's also important to reminisce on those memories.  In relation to memories, scents and fragrances have the ability to recall a memory faster than any other sense.  Just like when a familiar song comes on the radio and you're taken back to a moment, the olfactory process will take a scent and allow your soul to relive and cherish that memory.

When I pour a scent for the first time, I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the stories it tells.  Nancy, a simple musk scent, is named after my Nanna because it reminds me of her home.  Illusions by the Jug is the scent of honeydew melons, but when I poured it for the first time, I was taken back to drinking Midori Illusions at the Imperial Tavern on balmy summer nights.  A lot of my fragrances are named after friends, memories, places or events.

Sometimes a scent will be bittersweet for me.  I've said goodbye to a few people I cherish, and when I burn their candles, I pause and remember them.  
What are your stories?  Which scents take you back?